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SuratDiamond – Looking for the best Diamonds in the world?

Surat is widely known for its diamond industry. And you can find a lot of gold shops selling diamonds or jewelry as you pass by the streets of Surat. Hundreds of glittering and shining Surat Diamond jewelry shops on both side of the street is mostly one of the most unique views which can be seen here.

The polishing industry in Surat came into existence in 1901 or so, it was much later, around the 1950s, that it slowly began to grow. The industry, however, gained momentum in the 1960s running into the 70s with gusto with its ability to cut low-quality rough diamonds, which the other centers like Israel, Antwerp, etc would not touch. Thanks also to the US market which turned out to be the biggest market for the small diamonds cut and polished in Surat. From here, there was no looking back for Surat which met aphorized into this vibrant and flourishing sector, not only as a major employment generating industry but particularly relevant for foreign exchange earnings through export for the country.

SuratDiamond – Current state

Now, here more than 85% of the world’s rough diamonds are processed. About 35-40% of the rough diamonds processed and polished in Surat are imported by clients and Sightholders of global diamond miners including De Beers, Alrosa and Rio Tinto. The rest of the roughs are imported directly from Antwerp, Dubai and African nations. Making it home to about 4,500 diamond processing units that employ about 500,000 workers. Overall It imports 100 percent of the raw material and exports 94 percent of it. Only 6 percent of the polished diamonds are sold domestically. It also does not enjoy a high-profit margin. At maximum owners enjoy profit margins between 1 to 2 percent.

Over the years, the people here have mastered the art of cutting and polishing of diamonds. Each diamond goes through more than 15 steps of quality check both by advanced machines and expert human eyes. The final step for the best diamonds is the unique number inscription, which is 1/5,000th the thickness of a human hair and is visible only under a microscope, can be used to trace the history of the diamond.

SuratDiamond – Quality & Jewellery market

What makes sense for you is to look for SuratDiamond if you are looking to buy real diamonds with the best polishing and cut. Other qualities like Carat, Color, and Clarity is all depended on what stone you finally choose for based on your budgets but for sure when it comes to Cut and finishing in the polishing of Diamonds – There is no competition worldwide to Surat Diamonds.

This also has boosted the related jewelry industry in all nearby regions. As a very strong correlation, Mumbai has emerged as India’s best jewelry manufacturing hub producing the finest quality with unmatched finishing. Every jewelry manufacturing hub has its own designing qualities but Mumbai due to its proximity to Surat and with the use of advanced technological equipment has become the best choice for customers. You are thinking of buying real Diamond jewelry from outside Mumbai region, think who can give you the original SuratDiamond jewelry manufactured from Mumbai.

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