Diamond Earring

 60,550 Inc. GST

Diamond Earring (Style Code:- 18AE03)

  • White Gold 18 Kt:- 5.00 gram
  • Round Diamond SI-GH:- 0.81 carat:


This style calls “Drop the Hoops”. This is a beautiful combination of Hoops and Drops Earring. So match your style with it.

Note:- The final metal and diamond weight may vary and the final price may be adjusted accordingly.

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Metal Detail    
White Gold 18 karat 5.00 gram (estimate)
Diamond Detail    
Round Diamond SI –GH Up to 0.010 ct size 0.61 Carat Total Wt.
Round Diamond SI –GH 0.025 carat size 0.20 Carat Total Wt.
Price Detail    
W Gold 18kt. Current rate*
Round Diamond SI-GH 0.025ct size 50000 per carat
Round Diamond SI-GH Up to 0.01ct size 55000 per carat
Crafting and Making 900 per gram  
Note:- Weight and Price shown may vary/change slightly subject to the stock available, Order timing and Current rate of Metals and Stones, Currency exchange rate.