About Us




Long in this unstructured space of buying and selling the Diamond jewellery, we ‘the end consumers’ have been at the wrong receiving side. The inefficiency and lack of transparency finally result in we paying a ridiculously high amount for the product we like.

We have taken this challenge to remove these inefficiencies and bring the transparency in this sector in order to get the customer what they want in most reasonable price, directly competing with all the big brands who have their monopoly till date.

At first, it’s not rocket science in what we are trying to do, in simple words –


Getting a Diamond directly from the heart of the business in the world and working with most competitive suppliers. This assures the best quality possible at the most reasonable price

Removing Middleman

Nothing new here, but it takes a good effort from our side to have a structure without the middleman in procurement

No premium establishment cost

Ever wonder who finally pays for the fancy big store and overall establishment. The answer is simple, but our approach is simpler. Use Online stores and pass on the saving to our customers while keeping the trust and the quality

Low Financial cost

We keep a very limited inventory hence don’t incur the huge (>14%) financial cost in compare to the brands or your local shop nearby. Again allowing us to pass the complete benefit to you

There are many other smarter ways we have discovered with our 25+ years of experience in the industry & with the help of modern technology to reduce the final cost of your Jewelry while keeping it very precious to you.

Be a Partner

It’s plain and simple when it comes to our philosophy of doing business – Add value to our customers’ life while doing the best you can do.

We are looking for similar minded people to join the team. Reach out to us with your CV / LinkedIn profile.