Easy Return and Refund Policy

Policy At A Glance

Note:- We will deduct handling chargers (if any) that include Express shipping charge, Special certification charge, designing and customization charge, Gift packing charge or modification charges etc.

Easy Return and Refund Policy

We craft high-quality diamond jewelry and we always make an extra effort to give the best customer service possible. In the rare occasion that you are not fully satisfied with our product or there is a change of decision (It’s completely okay) then you’re entitled to a full refund guarantee. We also offer a Special complimentary exchange (without any deduction) against your return to you.

Return and Refund Process
  • You can return the jewelry within 4 days of purchase (including the delivery day). It’s Easy to Return.
  • Just email CaratVilla Customer Care Team at ask@caratvilla.com with the product code (or SKU Code) and attached the soft copy of the invoice for the related product. Once you let us know the item you would like to return our team will contact you.
  • After receiving the return request, our team will contact you. You just have to share your issue(s) with us and get the full refund in 10 to 15 days or get a Special Complimentary Exchange (Exchange in 180 days). No question asked.
  • Our team will guide you at every step. We will send you a package with a Pre-printed name and addresses. You just have to secure the jewelry with all item related to it in that new package provided by CaratVilla.
  • Once your package is ready, just contact CaratVilla Customer Care Team and we will arrange a courier to pick it up.
  • When we receive your returned item our quality team will check the item condition. Once your return is approved by our quality team, please allow 10- 15 working days for the funds to appear in your account. Don’t worry we will refund the full amount.

Note:- Return shipping and packaging are free services (within India). We don’t charge for it. So relax.

Items Not Covered Under Our Easy Returns And Refunds Policy
  • Custom-made items:- Jewelry that has been specially designed or customizes for you. As we take your approval at multiple points during the designing and crafting.
  • Engraved items:- Any jewelry that had engraving carried out will be non-returnable. This is personal to you and the item cannot be re-sold.
  • Worn or Damaged Items:- Any jewelry that has been clearly worn, damage, re-sized or mishandled whatever that maybe while in your possession.
  • Missing Item:- If any items that have missing diamonds or damage that the customer has no knowledge of then the item will not be accepted for a refund. Our craftsmen are some of the best skilled and all our items are checked thoroughly before dispatch.
  • International Order:- Please contact us to know about the Easy Return and Refund policy for International orders.

Note:- Return of any product depends on the availability of shipping partner in that area. If our shipping partner(s) doesn’t operate in that area, then you have to arrange the shipping of the product.

If you are not sure whether your item falls under our Easy Return and Refund policy, then please contact us on ask@caratvilla.com.

Easy Exchange and Buy Back Policy

Policy at a Glance

Note:-This is an indicative value. Product’s current value will be based on metal, diamonds and precious stones specifications & condition. So the current value of the product is always determined by our experts and the present market situation.  The prevailing market value will be determined by CaratVill.com

Personally Design or Customized (including personalized/engraved products) Jewellery is not eligible for a Buyback. Only Exchange Policy applies.

Easy Exchange & Buy-Back Policy Detail

We offer an Easy Exchange & Buy-Back Policy on all purchase made on CaratVilla.com, within India.

  • If you received a discount or free gift while making your purchase, we will deduct the original discount amount or free gift value, as applicable.
  • The value of the exchanged product after deductions towards making charges and discounts (check the table) will be credited to your CaratVilla account. This remains valid for 180 days and can be used to purchase anything on our website. The value cannot be encashed.
  • Jewelry returned showing signs of alteration by anyone other than CaratVilla shall not be accepted for exchange.
  • Based on our quality inspection, we reserve the right to change the Buy-Back amount of the product.
  • In case, any coupon, discount or promo codes were used during the original purchase, the Buy-Back / Exchange amount will be reduced by an amount equivalent to the coupon, discount or promo codes, as applicable.
  • No Exchange and buy back on Loose Solitaires. Return and Buyback of Solitaires determined on a case to case basis. Solitaires above the Value of Rs 5,00,000 will not exchange or return.
  • Return and Buyback of Jewellery above the value of 5,00,000 determined on a case to case basis. Solitaires above the Value of Rs 5,00,000 will not exchange or return.
  • In case the value of the new product is higher than the exchange value of the old product the difference will be paid by the customer. In case the value of the new product is lesser than the exchange value of the old product the difference will be held as a credit for future purchases.
  • Please contact us to know about the Exchange and Buyback policy for International orders.
  • An extra charge will be deducted towards checking, melting and recovery costs. This will be done on a per product basis, in case you are returning multiple products.
  • Refund will be made via online bank transfer within 20 to 30 days of receipt of the product.
General Terms Of Return, Refund, Exchange And Buy-Back
  • The product should be accompanied by an original product certificate and the original / copy of the invoice for all refund within the promised time.
  • Your item will need to be packaged in its original box with all the documentation received. Failure to return the box or any document could result in a delay/deduction from your refund amount.
  • In case the customer cannot produce the original certificate, the company will send the solitaire/ jewelry to the lab for recertification, the shipping and certification cost of which shall be borne by the customer.
  • Once the product is returned under our Easy Return and Refund Policy the refund will be initiated to your account. You may choose to either make another purchase using the same or get the amount refunded to your bank account.
  • For cash on delivery orders, the refund will be processed to your bank account.
  • The refund amount will be 100% of the actual amount paid by you.
  • Email us the date of postage along with the parcels tracking number so we can track your parcel.

Transparent Pricing Policy

We do Everything, From Designing to Crafting and Manufacturing to Retailing. By adopting advanced technology and a modern process we are able to provide you timeless hand-crafted jewelry with the lowest possible markup.”

Transparent Pricing and Wholesale Price
Save Up To 50%
Directly purchase
We buy from the manufacture and trusted vendors. The absence of middlemen and experience procurement team help us to get a better deal.
Low Overhead
With the help of technology, we don’t have traditional Overheads.   We try reducing on all expenses that don’t add value to you. That gives you the best price.
Effective Management
Fast procurement, an effective supply chain that keeps our inventory holding cost, use of advance Technology to reduce wastage help use to reduce cost.

A traditional retail shop would be priced our products an additional 50% – 300% higher.

An Online retail would be priced our products an additional 30% to 300% higher.

  1. We also provide our pricing clearly on our website.
  2. We do not have the traditional overhead and markup associated with most retail operations.
  3. Our prices are shown along with the complete break-up of the gold price, diamond price, making charges and Tax.
  4. You can view the complete product details like metal weights, Stone type, weight and sizes etc. Each product we offer is open to inquiry.
  5. Once an order is placed, we keep you up to date with your order status right from Designing & CAD to crafting to dispatch and delivery.

We aim to be completely transparent, genuine, and unbiased in our approach to customer service and selling. For us, customer trust is the most import thing. High ethical standards are at the heart of everything we do.

Certified Jewellery and Diamond

High-Quality Natural Diamonds
  1. We buy Diamonds from conflict-free sources and direct from manufactures.
  2. One of the founders has worked two decades in rough and police Diamond industry. We use his expertise to get you the highest quality stones at the best price.
  3. Before Buying, his team personally inspects every piece of stone for quality control.
  4. Our Jewelry is made by very skilled craftsmen and casters. We use advanced technology in crafting to increase efficiency and reduce wastage. Most of the craftsmen are from Bengal.
  5. To experience peace of mind our jewelry is all independently certified by renowned Gemology Laboratory like IGI, GIA, EGL, etc. Double Trust.

CaratVilla Double Trust

Trust is the main factor that’s bothering you. Don’t worry before buying your jewelry check these facts

  • Our All Products are 100% certified by International Gemology Labs (3rd party) like IGI, GIA, EGL
  • Every piece of Diamonds and Gemstones goes for the rigorous quality check.
    1. We buy the diamonds from trusted and conflict-free sources
    2. Most of the diamonds, we buy directly from manufacturers.
    3. Every Piece of diamond personally checked by our experts before buying and using it in a jeweler.
    4. We use Better cut, clarity and color diamond and stones in our products.
    5. After crafting, every jewelry goes for International gemology lab (like IGI, GIA, EGL etc.) for certification to get a Double Check.

We Promise a long trusted relationship with our every customer. For that, we try to answer every doubt of our customers. At the time of purchase “CaratVilla Client Executive” try to give you more information about the jewelry. Freely Ask your doubts and Purchase like an expert with CaratVilla.

Secure Shipping

Free Shipping across India:- We are proud to offer all of our Indian Based customers FREE Delivery/Shipping on our jewelry. Shipping time depends upon the availability of the products and place of delivery. We craft most of the products after receiving the order; so it takes around 2 to 4 weeks for “Especially for You” products. We always inform our customer about the tentative date of delivery. Be informed.
International Shipping:- Please contact CaratVilla Customer Care (email ID- myjewellery@caratvilla.com) team to know the Shipping Detail and Cost.

Transit Insurance:- All goods will be fully insured until they reach you, so your purchase is 100% safe. Be Relax.